eco-friendly-water-treatmentOceania Water Treatment provide cost-effective water purification systems for Australia. Our municipal sludge dewatering and industrial water purification systems facilitate efficient and eco-friendly sludge treatment and disposal. Moreover, our sustainable eco-waste solutions are precisely targeted to meet the needs of our customers.

In association with Teknofanghi and other partners, we  offer a comprehensive  range of cutting edge sludge dewatering equipment and additional water purification systems. This makes us uniquely equipped to provide customised solutions that meet the diverse requirements of communities and organisations Australia wide.

At Oceania Water Treatment, our core commitment is to be an active cog in a global process through which our children – and their children – will inherit a sustainably clean world. Teknofanghi is similarly committed – their production facility incorporates a photovoltaic power plant that reduces annual CO2 emissions by one hundred and fifty-four tons, and their products are designed to both maximise the use of recyclable materials and to minimise energy consumption.


Cost-effective sludge dewatering solutions

cost-effectiveEnvironmentally friendly waste solutions can be remarkably cost-effective. New technologies have advanced the cause. Oceania Water Treatment and Oceania Water Group Fiji have provided customised and affordable water treatment solutions for customers through the region - most specifically in Australia, New Guinea and the Fiji Islands. As a result, waste water that once emptied into local waterways or into the ocean is now being managed responsibly.

Whether it be for small remote mining operations, tourist resorts or large municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), we offer solutions that involve low establishment and maintenance costs. Our equipment can be installed and operated without the need for specialised technicians and, importantly, our sludge dewatering equipment is quiet and energy efficient.

Other environmental benefits include reduced carbon emissions and landfill. Effective, energy efficient sludge dewatering results in a reduction in the transportation cost of waste removal and disposal. Lower life cycle costs and the use of recycled materials provide additional environmental benefits.


Belt press sludge dewatering

Teknofanghi MONOBELT®

Teknofanghi MONOBELT® is a belt press filter of award winnning design. Manufactured to superior standards in AISI 304L stainless steel, this unit is far less subject to corrosion than regular belt press filters, and it can process a more comprehensive range of slurries. MONOBELT® actually employs the use of two belts, but only one is under traction. It is a seamless belt so durable that Teknofanghi has guaranteed it for three years.

Through innovative design, Teknofanghi brings previously unimaginable benefits to the belt press sludge dewatering process. Aside from the unit's durability and versatility, MONOBELT® is surprisingly inexpensive and can be installed without the need for a specialist technician. Better yet, operating and maintenence costs have been reduced by 50%, and energy consumption and water usage have been minimised. What's more, the processing capacity of MONOBELT® is impressive, and the sludge dewatering environment is quiet and convenient.

All things considered, MONOBELT® offers a wealth of new possibilities for medium to large WWTPs.


Sludge dewatering bag systems

Teknofanghi Teknobag® - Draimad Package®

Teknofanghi TEKNOBAG®-DRAIMAD® is a low cost, sludge dewatering bag system ideal for sewage treatment in remote and regional municipalities and resorts.  It can also meet the sludge dewatering requirements of small breweries and a range of other industries.

TEKNOBAG®-DRAIMAD® requires only a minor capital outlay and, as the disposable filtration bags are inexpensive, investment costs may be easily recouped through savings in the cost of waste removal and disposal. Following the dewatering process and a subsequent drying process, as much as a fifty fold reduction in weight is possible depending upon the nature of the raw sludge feed.

TEKNOBAG® is manufactured from a water repellent material that not only facilitates water filtration and evaporation but which prevents rainwater from entering the filtration bag. TEKNOBAG® is inert and resistant to acids, chemicals, bacteria and insects.

Teknofanghi offer a wide selection of TEKNOBAG®-DRAIMAD® systems that range from small manual units to large, fully automated and pressurised systems.


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