The Teknofanghi MONOBELT®

Teknofanghi Monobelt®

The patented MONOBELT® is a state-of-the-art belt press filter built to advanced standards. Manufactured in AISI 304L stainless steel, the MONOBELT® employs the use of two integrated systems – the pre-thickener and the sludge belt press.

The pre-thickening process concentrates solids from 0.5 -3% to 5 -15 % of sludge volume. The sludge is then introduced into three belt press dewatering stages – the low pressure zone, the wedge zone and finally into the high pressure zone at which point sludge filter cake is pressed between the perforated cylinder cloth and the main cloth. Depending on the characteristics of the input sludge, the final sludge discharge can realise a dry solids to filtrate ratio that varies from 18% to 30%.

An additional pressure system, which is optional and independent of the MONOBELT® unit, creates a further improvement in the dry solids to filtrate ratio.

Assuming a dry solid input concentration of 1%, the MONOBELT® system can process from 1 m³ to 40 m³ of sludge per hour.


MONOBELT® is eco-friendly and cost effective

The MONOBELT® uses fewer press rolls than traditional belt press sludge dewatering systems without impacting the efficiency of the dewatering process. Running and maintenance costs have been reduced by more than 50%. Fewer rotating parts result in lower maintenance time and spare parts replacement costs. Energy requirements and water usage have also been reduced.

The MONOBELT® actually employs the use of two belts. However, only one is under traction. It is an innovative, endless belt. There are no joins of any description which makes it far more durable than conventional belts – so durable that Teknofanghi guarantees each belt for three years. The endless belt further reduces maintenance time and, of course, belt replacement costs.

All things considered, with the MONOBELT®, Teknofanghi has substantially reduced belt press filter life cycle costs and increased durability.

It’s AISI 304L stainless steel construction means that The MONOBELT® is less prone to corrosion. It also gives the MONOBELT® greater longevity and allows it to dewater a more diverse range of slurries. Even so, Teknofanghi have the flexibility to manufacture The MONOBELT® using other metals for specific applications.

Teknofanghi has been recognised with international awards for the innovative technologies that have been fundamental to the success of The MONOBELT®. Thousands of units are currently  in use within waste water treatment plants across the globe.


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