Teknofanghi SCRUDRAIN®

Teknofanghi SCRUDRAIN®

Teknofanghi SCRUDRAIN® is a dynamic and innovative sludge thickening system. Designed as a sludge thickener for the Teknofanghi MONOBELT®, it has been developed as a standalone unit due to the optimal results it can deliver. It can be used upstream of any sludge dewatering plant to increase the ratio of dry solids to filtrate or to thicken sludge so as to increase the efficiency of the digestor in the production of biogas. The filtrate produced during the SCRUDRAIN® process has a suspended solids content of 40-60 milligrams per litre.


A dynamic sludge thickener

SCRUDRAIN® is often added to existing wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) where sludge dewatering equipment has reached capacity. What’s more, in WWTPs with no sludge dewatering capacity, SCRUDRAIN® may be added to achieve a considerable reduction in the volume of sludge destined for removal and disposal. The benefits that accrue from reduced transportation costs, energy use and landfill requirements are evident.

At the core of a conventional sludge thickener is a simple drum filter. Teknofanghi have dynamically altered this model by adding an ‘Archimedean Screw’ to SCRUDRAIN®, enabling control of the thickening process which is regulated by a control panel.

By adjusting the speed of rotation to optimise the period of sludge retention, the best possible thickening outcomes are achieved. In addition, the ‘Archimedean Screw’ provides the capacity to adjust sludge concentration and to create a continuous mix that augments water drainage and minimises the use of polyelectrolyte.

Teknofanghi has also developed and included an innovative spray nozzle system to keep filter cloths clean. Not only do they use significantly less water than standard nozzles, but they can be quickly removed, cleaned and replaced without the need for any tools.

A comprehensive range of SCRUDRAIN® thickeners has been developed with the capacities to process from a few cubic meters of sludge per hour to a maximum of 200 cubic meters of sludge per hour (depending on the nature of the input sludge). Manufactured from AISI 304L stainless steel, all units are fully enclosed to prevent aerosol and noise pollution. They are supplied tested and fully assembled to minimise installation time and costs.


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