Teknofanghi SCRUFILTER®

Teknofanghi Scrufilter®

SCRUFILTER® is a continuous microfiltration system that has been manufactured by Teknofanghi and sold worldwide for many years. Its success lies in its simplicity of design, durability, ease of operation and low maintenance costs. SCRUFILTER® is an extremely compact microfiltration system that is particularly well suited as a tertiary filtration system that follows secondary treatment or settlement in biological and industrial wastewater treatments plants (WWTPs).

Nevertheless, SCRUFILTER® is an exceptionally versatile microfiltration system suited to many applications. These include:

  1. The enhancement of discharge from WWTPs
  2. The removal of phosphates by WWTPs
  3. Water recovery in food processing, textile production, paper mills and comparable operations
  4. Water treatment for cooling systems
  5. Filtration for the recovery of primary metals
  6. Beverage production
  7. Reverse osmosis plants
  8. Membrane bioreactor plants
  9. Fish breeding farms
  10. Water clarification for flotation systems
  11. Surface water filtration for rivers, lakes ponds and dams
  12. Well water treatment prior to U.V. disinfection


Dynamic and cost-effective microfiltration

SCRUFILTER® continues to deliver outstanding cost savings and clean water outcomes for Teknofanghi customers worldwide. It offers significant benefits to WWTPs and communities:

  1. The improvement of effluent quality
  2. The conformity of plants to new regulations
  3. The facilitation of water recovery for industrial use and irrigation

The microfiltration process is gravitational. It is a continuous process without significant head loss. No external water is required even though backwashing remains constant.

Through the attenuation of suspended solids, the concentration of COD, BOD5, phosphorus, nitrates and other substances are also reduced. The reduction of turbidity caused by suspended solids makes for better outcomes in the disinfection process, and enables the use of smaller and less expensive U.V. systems.

The continuous washing of filtration media ensures that the microfiltration process functions at maximum efficiency by maintaining the permeability of filter cloths. Problems created by ‘false contacts’ are avoided through the absence of level probes.

Filter cloths are selected according to specific microfiltration requirements. They are available in 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 and 100 microns. However, additional filter sizes may be produced for specialised applications.

All SCRUFILTER® units are fully enclosed to prevent aerosol and noise pollution. Each is supplied fully assembled and tested to minimise installation time and cost. No preparatory foundation work is required.

SCRUFILTER® has a number of failsafe features and is fitted with removable inspection panels to ensure efficient and inexpensive maintenance. A modular plate system has been installed to ensure that a single damaged plate can be replaced without removing the drum from the mainframe.


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