Teknofanghi Teknobag®-Draimad®

Teknofanghi TEKNOBAG® – DRAIMAD® is a sludge dewatering bag system that dewaters, dries and packs municipal and industrial sludge. It is particularly effective for small to medium sewage treatment operations and for a variety of mining industrial and wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs).  The sludge dewatering bags (teknobags) are manufactured from a water repellent material that facilitates filtration and evaporation but which also prevents rainwater from re-hydrating the dry solid waste.


Effective and affordable

TEKNOBAG® – DRAIMAD® is a sludge dewatering solution so inexpensive that it brings affordable waste water treatment to remote communities and to communities in the developing world. Wastewater being consigned to the ocean and local waterways can now be affordably treated. Simple and effective, a TEKNOBAG® – DRAIMAD® sludge dewatering system is now available for even the tightest budget.


The dewatering process


Sludge is conditioned with polyelectrolyte, and after only a few hours of filtration, sludge volume can be reduced to 15-30% of raw sludge input. Total processing capacity is dependent on the nature of the raw sludge feed. However, given a feed that contains 1% dry solids, a single machine can treat up to 20 cubic meters of sludge per day.


The drying process

Following dewatering, the teknobags are securely sealed and removed from the TEKNOBAG® – DRAIMAD® unit to be stored in the open using a custom made trolley. During the drying phase, sludge weight and volume continue to diminish irrespective of weather conditions.

As mentioned, TEKNOBAG® is manufactured using a special water repellent material. It not only facilitates water filtration and evaporation but also prevents rainwater from re-hydrating the sludge. TEKNOBAG® is inert and resistant to acids, chemicals, bacteria and insects. The bags are strong, hard-wearing and designed to enable easy storage and removal. Better yet, teknobags are inexpensive.

Teknofanghi TEKNOBAG® – DRAIMAD® Package

Applying the model of raw sludge feed that contains a dry solids content of 1%, the solids will increase to a volume of 50% following two months of storage and drying. After a few more months, a dry solids volume of 70-95% may be achieved. Potentially, the final dry cake will weigh as little as 20 kilograms – an astonishing 50 fold reduction in the weight of the original raw sludge feed.

The reduction in waste removal and disposal costs are significant and self-evident, as are the benefits for the ocean, local waterways and landfills.


A versatile solution

TEKNOBAG® – DRAIMAD® systems are available in 2, 3, 6 and 12 bag modules, and in manually operated and fully automated configurations. An optional pressurisation system facilitates rapid dewatering and improves sludge quality. This ensures a higher concentration of dry solids within the sealed bags, thereby reducing drying time and bag consumption.

On automatic models, the only manual interaction involves the removal of full teknobags and the installation of new bags. Other functions are performed and regulated by a control panel.


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