What is Teknofanghi?

The Teknofanghi Production Plant

Founded in 1987, Teknofanghi specialises in the design and manufacture of civil and industrial sludge dewatering equipment. From the outset, Teknofanghi’s vision has been to provide dewatering solutions that are eco-friendly and cost-effective. In the pursuit of excellence, Teknofanghi products have been created to ensure durability and reliability, to have low life cycle costs, to minimise energy and water use and to reduce the volume of sludge ultimately destined for removal and disposal. In combination, the lower energy and water needs of Teknofanghi dewatering solutions, along with a reduction in transportation costs and landfill, ensure that Teknofanghi products are eco-friendly and cost-effective.


Teknofanghi and the Environment

Teknofanghi practises what it preaches. Apart from the design and production of state-of-the-art sludge dewatering equipment – intended to reduce carbon emissions and landfill and to protect water systems globally – Teknofanghi operates an environmentally friendly factory in the Milan hinterland of Northern Italy.


Photovoltaic Power Plant

The factory and administrative headquarters occupy a total area of 7,000 m², and a photovoltaic power plant produces 250 kilowatts of renewable energy per hour (the equivalent of 61 tons of crude oil per year). This ensures the reduction of 154 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

The following extract from the Teknofanghi mission statement underpins their commitment:

“Our mission is to be an active partner in the creation of a cleaner world, for us and for our children. Consequently, for each product, we strive to attain the lowest LCC (Life Cycle Costs), the best use of recyclable materials, and of the lowest possible energy consumption.”

One of the highest running costs of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) is the expense of sludge removal and disposal. Inefficient sludge dewatering increases these costs and significantly impacts the environment. Teknofanghi sludge dewatering solutions address both dilemmas.


Cost-effective sludge dewatering

Teknofanghi Production Floor

Teknofanghi has tens of thousands of units operating within WWTPs across the globe. Customers include Fujitsu, Hitachi, Bayer, Shell, Ferrari, Fiat, Heineken, Gazprom, Michelin, Coca Cola and Kraft. But why Teknofanghi?

From their award winning MONOBELT® (beltpress filter) to the smallest, least expensive manually operated TEKNOBAG®-DRAIMAD® (bag dewatering system), Teknofanghi equipment is manufactured to the highest standards using AISI 304L  stainless steel to increase product life, simplify maintenance and resist corrosion. Even so, for special applications, Teknofanghi can manufacture equipment using a variety of metals.

Through innovative design, Teknofanghi have reduced the duration and frequency of maintenance required to keep equipment in top shape. Life cycle costs have been substantially reduced, and energy requirements and water usage have been minimised. The processing capacities of the Teknofanghi range of sludge dewatering systems are impressive, and the equipment is quiet, affordable and convenient to operate.

Additionally, real long term savings are to be found in the reduced costs of waste removal and disposal. Following processing, given certain conditions and circumstances, the remaining dry solid cakes can represent a 50 fold reduction in the weight of the raw sludge input.

Further savings are realised because Teknofanghi equipment can be installed without the need for a specialised technician or pre-installation construction work.

The Teknofanghi product range includes SCRUDRAIN®  (a dynamic sludge thickener), SCRUFILTER®  (a dynamic micro-filtration unit) and POLYDILUTION® (a poly-electrolyte preparation unit). These standalone systems, further enhance dewatering outcomes.

New technologies and ongoing research and development programs by Teknofanghi enable Oceania Water Treatment (and Oceania Water Group Fiji) to deliver highly customised sludge dewatering systems to customers in Oceania. Our cost-effective solutions have benefited customers throughout the region - most specifically in Australia, New Guinea, the Fiji Islands and New Caledonia.

Customers as diverse as Newcrest Mining (Central Queensland), Aquaworks (Queensland and PNG), Spie Capag Niugini LTD – PNG LNG Project, the Sheraton Tokoeka Resort and numerous other customers have benefited from water treatment solutions provided by Oceania Water Treatment and Oceania Water Group Fiji in association with Teknofanghi and other partners.

Teknofanghi Corporate Video

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